Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Omega Antivir

Omega Antivir is phony security software designed to rip people off. Omega Antivir is classified as rogue antivirus software, a computer infection that scams thousands of people with false security alerts and warnings.

When Omega Antivir infects a computer it will automatically scan the system for infections every time windows is booted. Omega Antivir will report numerous false infections, the infections Omega Antivir says are on the computer are either legitimate files or the files that don't exist on the system at all. Omega Antivir creates these false system scan reports to frighten users into purchasing the software in an attempt to clean the supposed infections form the computer.

Omega Antivir will also display numerous pop ups, warnings and alerts stating the computer is infected, under attack or not protected. These pop ups and warnings are again used to frighten people into buying the software.

If your PC is infected with Omega Antivir, you should remove it immediately. VIPRE can detect and remove Omega Antivir form infected PC's. Click here to use VIPRE to remove Omega Antivir from your computer now.


  1. The description is very useful! Thanks! Here is more about the removal:

  2. Sad thing is that it removes any confidence whatsoever in 'awards' from organisations such as PC Pro, Cnet, Consumer Digest etc... If these organisations actively protected the use of their 'Awards' then the vulnerable would not be lulled into stuff like Omega Antivir. What is the point of legitimate organisations paying to be evaluated by PC Pro, Cnet, Consumer Digest etc when their reputation is shot to bits?