Thursday, January 15, 2009

System Live Protect

System Live Protect is a scam, a fake antispyware software that should not be purchased. Like other rogue antispyware, System Live Protect looks very much like a legitimate application, even a Microsoft application. However, this rogue antispyware reports greatly exaggerated or false system reports and warnings in an effort to scare people to purchase a “registered version” that will remove the alleged threats.

Don’t purchase it, remove it, and your problems will go away. Of course, it’s not as easy as selecting System Live Protect from the uninstall menu. You can download VIPRE Antivirus here and remove System Live Protect quite easily.

Remove System Live Protect from your PC now with VIPRE.
(The above link will start VIPRE download, use the trial to remove System Live Protect and any other malware form your computer for free.)

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