Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ultimate Security Suite

Ultimate SecuritySuite, also known as Ultimate Security Suite, is a phony Anti-spyware, or rogue antispyware software. This program should be avoided as it is a complete scam.

Ultimate SecuritySuite dupes people into thinking it is going to scan and detect malware or other problems on your computer, but actually it badgers people into purchasing the program by presenting intrusive, deceptive warnings and/or false, misleading scan results.

Ultimate Security Suite uses aggressive, deceptive advertising and is usually installed on a person's computer without notice or consent, often through exploits.

If you have got any trace of Ultimate SecuritySuite onto your system, we recommend you remove it immediately.

Click here to remove Ultimate Security Suite form your PC now.
(Clicking on the above link will start VIPRE Antivirus download. Use the trial to remove malicious threats from your computer for free.)

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