Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trust Cleaner

Trust Cleaner is a phony anti-spyware software that uses fake alerts to dupe users into purchasing the full commercial version.

You should remove Trust Cleaner from your computer now!

Trust Cleaner will start and scan your computer checking for Spyware and other malware upon Windows start up. Some of the items it states it finds is true, others are not.

Trust Cleaner will show alerts stating that you are possibly infected with spyware, these alerts are fake and are only used as a goad to coerce users into purchasing the full commercial version.

Trust Cleaner will also do the following:
  • Block your access to any web page.
  • Change your home page to one that strikingly resembles Google but is in fact the site hxxp://
  • Show popups with ads when you visit certain sites such as Google, Yahoo, and CNN among others.
  • Not allow you to restart your computer till you kill the trustinpopups.exe process.
  • Install a toolbar into your Internet Explorer web browser.

Click here to remove Trust Cleaner from your PC now.
(Use VIPRE's free 15-day trial to remove this rogue application and any other infections you may have on your PC.)

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