Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Advanced Antivirus 2008

Advanced Antivirus is a phony antispyware that is made to rip people off. Advanced Antivirus 2008 is made to look like legit security software but does not protect against infections, the software is completely useless.

Antivirus 2008 is from a particularly nasty family of rogue antispyware including:
Ultimate Antivirus 2008
Vista Antivirus 2008
Windows Antivirus 2008

Advanced Antivirus 2008, like other rogue antispyware software, uses scare tactics to frighten people into thinking they need to buy this software to remove harmful viruses and other infections from their computers.

When Advanced Antivirus 2008 infects a PC it will continually show security warnings in the form of pop-ups and perform a scan followed by displaying a report listing security risks found on the computer. The warnings and security risks are all fake and false positives. Advanced Antivirus 2008 shows these infections to scare people into thinking their computer is infected and hope that they will then buy this corrupt software.

If your computer is infected with Advanced Antivirus 2008, you should remove it now. VIPRE can remove Advanced Antivirus 2008 no sweat!

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