Tuesday, February 10, 2009


WinFixMaster is a rogue antispyware software and should be avoided. WinFix Master is made to look like legit security software, but is completely useless and a PC infection in itself. Do not buy WinFix Master unless you like being ripped off!

WinFix Master is designed to scare people into purchasing software with false spyware detections that goad people into thinking they can not be removed from their computer unless they purchase the software. This is a typical tactic used by rogue antispyware, WinFix Master preys on people who are frighten by these false security warnings to buy their software.

WinFix Master is usually downloaded and installed on a computer with the help of a ZLOB/MediaAccess Codec installer found on adult websites. WinFix Master can also be installed manually from WinFix Master's website, where WinFix Master's commercial version is promoted and sold as a legitimate software.

Once downloaded, WinFix Master begins to display misleading warning messages claiming that your computer is infected with malicious parasites. Once you click on WinFix Master's warning messages, you'll be redirected to WinFix Master's website to download the rogue software.

Do not fall for the WinFixMaster scam, if this corrupt software is on your computer, remove it now. VIPRE Antivirus can remove WinFixMaster, click here to start removal now.

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