Thursday, February 12, 2009

Antispyware 2008 XP

Antispyware 2008 XP is a phony antispyware software, that targets the Italian-speaking part of the world. Antispyware 2008 XP is made to look like a legitimate security software, but is actually a completely useless software that can be potentially dangerous.

Antispyware 2008 XP uses trojans, such as the infamous Zlob or Vundo, to enter the system. Once a computer is infected Antispyware 2008 XP floods the user with pop-ups and fake system notifications, supposedly to "inform" him of an infection or multiple infections present on the system. This is done to create a reason for the user to purchase it's "licensed version". Do not fall for the Antispyware 2008 XP scam, remove this parasite from your PC immediately.

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