Friday, February 13, 2009

Spyware Preventer

Spyware Preventer is a rogue anti-spyware program, or a phony software designed to rip people off. If your PC is infected with Spyware Preventer, you are not preventing spyware, but running spyware.

Spyware Preventer is created by the same con-artist jerks who created XPert Antivirus Enterprise and MS Antivirus 2008.

Spyware Preventer makes it's way from PC to PC with the help of misleading pop-ups and advertisements on the internet that state the computer is infected. These pop-ups look like genuine windows security alerts, intended to trick people into believing their PC is really infected. If these banners are clicked on the user will be brought to a page that pretends to be an anti-malware scanner. This advertisement will pretend to scan the computer and when finished will state that the computer is infected and that you should download Spyware Preventer to clean it. These web pages and security warnings are all fake, but a substantial amount of people fall for these scams and install Spyware Preventer onto their computers.

When Spyware Preventer is installed on a computer it will automatically start when the computer starts. Once started, it will proceed to scan the computer for malware, and when finished, will display a variety of infections that cannot be removed unless the user first purchase the program. These infections, though, are not real and are only shown to scare people into purchasing the software. Due to the fact that Spyware Preventer is always running, it can cause the computer to run slower and to periodically display pop-ups advertising the program.

If your computer is infected with Spyware Preventer, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove Spyware Preventer form your computer.

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