Friday, February 13, 2009

XPert Antivirus

XPert Antivirus is a phony spyware remover, or rogue, designed to rip people off! PC's infected with XPert Antivirus should have the parasite removed immediately.

XPert Antivirus relies on trojans, such as Zlob and Vundo, to infect computer systems, with out the users knowledge. The most popular trojans used for this purpose are Zlob and Vundo.

XPert Antivirus uses scare tactics to frighten people with false security warnings in the form of popups and system notifications, in an attempt to mislead the user into thinking he is infected and thus create a reason for him to purchase the software. Once a person falls for the scam and buys XPert Antivirus, they will quickly realize the program does not work.

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