Monday, February 9, 2009

System AntiVirus 2008

System Antivirus 2008 is a rogue anti-spyware software that should be avoided. System Antivirus 2008 is a scam and was designed for the sole purpose of ripping people off. If your PC is infected with System Antivirus 2008 you should remove it immediately.

System Antivirus 2008 usually infects PC's by Trojan.Zlob. Once Trojan.Zlob is installed, it will display fraudulent error messages, stating that the computer is infected with spyware and adware applications. The fraudulent error message may state that malware is found on the computer and to click on the 'OK' button to remove the malware detected. If the user clicks on the fraudulent error message, a free trial version of System Antivirus 2008 is then install on the computer. After System Antivirus 2008 runs a scan of the computer, it will then display falsified scan results to frighten people into buying the software to remove the nonexistent threats.

System Antivirus 2008 is a clone of Antivirus 2008, Windows Antivirus 2008, XP Antivirus 2008 and Vista Antivirus 2008.

If your PC is infected with System Antivirus 2008, you can remove it with VIPRE now by clicking this link.

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