Thursday, February 19, 2009

WinDefender 2008

WinDefender 2008 is a rogue antispyware, designed to rip people off. WinDefender 2008 is made to look like legitimate security software, yet it is completely useless, and potentially dangerous. If your PC is infected with this parasite, you should remove it immediately.

WinDefender 2008 is a nasty rogue that uses scare tactics to frighten people into buying this software. When installed on a computer, WinDefender 2008 will display false security warnings in the form of pop-ups, system scans, false alerts when browsing the web in Internet Explorer stating safe and legit sites are dangerous. All these false security warnings are an attempt to get people to buy this software. Do not fall for the WinDefender 2008 scam, avoid this rogue.

Click here to remove WinDefender 2008 from your PC now.

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