Thursday, February 19, 2009


Antispyware XP 2009 is a rogue antispyware software made to look like legitimate security software. Antispyware XP 2009 is designed to scam people out of their money, using scare tactics. Do not trust Antispyware XP 2009, remove this malware form infected computers immediately.

AntispywareXP2009 is made by the same jerks who made Antivirus XP 2008. Antispyware XP 2009 is in no way associated with Windows XP or Microsoft, but is made to look like it is to gain people's trust.

AntispywareXP 2009 makes it's way from PC to PC with the help of Trojans and by exploiting security loopholes on the internet and through web browser security weaknesses. AntispywareXP 2009 is usually installed with Trojans, making this rogue very dangerous, the Trojans that installed this parasite can download additional malware.

When active on a computer, Antispyware XP 2009 launches itself and runs in the background loading continuous security alerts, which can cause the computer to be sluggish and slow at times. The security alerts are annoying and fake; AntispywareXP 2009 falsifies security threats in order to intimidate people. The security alerts are designed to fool inexperienced users and making them believe that Antispyware XP 2009 is legitimate and they need to buy the software to remove the infections.

If your PC is infected with Antispyware XP 20009, you should remove it immediately. Click here to remove AntispywareXP2009 with VIPRE now.

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