Friday, February 13, 2009


Antivir64 is a fake antispyware software, or a rogue antispyware. Antivir 64 is a complete scam, designed to frighten people into buying the software with false security warnings. Antivir 64 software rips people off!

Antivir64 was created by the same con artists who created Power Antivirus 2009 and Win Antivir 2008, both rogue antispyware applications.

Antivir64 usually makes it's way from computer to computer by users who willingly download the software, not realizing it is corrupt, after a website uses misleading pop-ups to inform them that their computer is infected with spyware, which is false, websites can not possibly know if a computer is infected with spyware. After Antivir64 is instilled on a computer it will then scan your computer and state that you are infected with a variety of malware that cannot be removed unless you first purchase the program. In reality, though, these found programs are all legitimate and should not be removed.

Antivir 64 should be removed form infected PC's asap.

If your PC is infected you can remove Antivir64 with VIPRE, quickly and easily, using the free trial. Click here to remove Antivir64 form your PC now.

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