Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Additional Guard

Additional Guard is phony security software, made to trick people into thinking it's a part of the Microsoft Windows Security Center.

Additional Guard uses false security warnings and alerts to frighten people into buying a license of the software. Additional Guard will display pop-up ads, system scans and security alerts stating that the PC is under attack, not protected or infected with malware and recommends the user pay for the software before removing any of the supposed infections. Unfortunately if you fall for the Additional Guard scam, you will quickly realize the software is phony and will not remove malware form your PC, it will not protect you from infections in the future, and it will not stop annoying you with the false warnings and alert messages.

If your PC is infected with Additional Guard, you can remove it now with VIPRE. Use VIPRE's free 15-day trial to completely remove this rogue and any other infections your may have on your PC.

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