Thursday, March 12, 2009

Malware Defender 2009

Malware Defender 2009 is a phony antispyware or antimalware software, also know as a rogue antispyware. Malware Defender 2009 is completely useless, and a PC parasite at best. This potentially harmful software should be removed from infected computers immediately.

Malware Defender 2009 is from the same family as System Guard 2009 and Spyware Guard 2009. Malware Defender 2009 makes it's way from PC to PC with the help of the Trojan Vundo, which displays fake security alerts and pop-ups that state the computer is infected tricking people into downloading the rogue antispyware.

Once Malware Defender 2009 has infected a computer it will continually display false security warnings, system scans with false results, pop-up security alerts and more until the user either removes the corrupt software or breaks down and buys the software. Unfortunately once the software is purchase it is completely useless and the PC will continue to show pop ups and security warnings. Because of the constant barrage of pop ups and the fact Malware Defender 2009 is constantly running the user may experience system performance issues.

Click here to remove Malware Defender 2009. VIPRE can remove this rogue and keep your PC protected from future infections, oh yea, it will also take care of that Vundo Trojan that downloaded Malware Defender 2009 on your PC too.

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