Wednesday, March 4, 2009


MalwareDoc is a rogue antispyware, or a phony antispyware software, designed to rip people off. Do not buy MalwareDoc, remove this corrupt software from infected PC's immediately.

With the help of Trojans, security loopholes in web browsers, as well as using misleading advertising tactics to Malware Doc makes it's way from PC to PC. Once a computer is infected with Malware Doc the corrupt software will run its fake system scanner every time the PC is started, causing the PC to run very slow and sluggish. Malware Doc will also run system security scans and report numerous infections, which are all false. Malware Doc will also continually display false security pop up alerts. These false security alerts and system scans are designed to make people think they need to purchase the full version of the software to remove the infections. This is a complete scam, once MalwareDoc is purchaset the software is completely useless and dose not protect the user from futre infection or remove threats in any way.

PC's infected with MalwareDoc should have the software removed immediately. VIPRE can remove MalwareDoc. Click here to remove Malware Doc from your PC with VIPRE now.

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