Friday, March 27, 2009

Privacy Center

Privacy Center is a corrupt anti-spyware application posing as a legitimate spyware remover, created by cyber-thieves intended to rip people off. Privacy Center is a scam, nothing more, and should be avoided. Do not buy Privacy Center and remove it from infected computers immediately.

Privacy Center makes its way from computer to computer via trojans pretending to be a video codec, the trojan usually displays intimidating notifications about spyware infections and suggest to download Privacy Center.

Once PrivacyCenter is installed on a computer it a performs fake system scan and reports various infections, which are fake. Privacy Center also displays security warnings and alerts that are false as well. These misleading security alerts and falsified system scans are an attempt to make people think their computer is seriously infected and they need to buy Privacy Center to remove the infections.

Privacy Center is a completely useless software, once purchased it does no protect or clean infections form the PC. Do not buy this corrupt software, it is a parasite itself.

If your computer is infected with Privacy Center, you should remove it immediately. VIPRE can remove Privacy Center from your computer. Click here to download VIPRE.

Privacy Center has updated the design of their GUI:

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  1. This "Privacy Center" trojan is coming from www.PRIVACY-CENTR.ORG I would send many complaints to their backbone provider to get them shut down.

    I was able to remove this nuisance by CTRL ALT DELETE then shut down the process (pc.exe), then from START/RUN type MSCONFIG then ins the startup tab, uncheck Privacy Center. I then searched folders for pc.exe and deleted it. Have not had a problem since.