Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Renus 2008

Renus 2008 is a rogue antispyware designed to scam people out of their money. Do not trust Renus 2008, do not buy this corrupt software and if it has made it's want onto your computer, remove it immediately.

Renus 2008 is made to look like a legitimate spyware remover, yet is completely useless and potentially very harmful if left installed on a computer. Renus 2008 usually infects a system without user's knowledge or permission via Trojan applications. These dangerous applications enter the system via security exploits, spam e-mails or fake online anti-virus scanners.

Once Renus 2008 makes it's want onto a computer it will perform a fake system scan and generates fallacious alert messages or fake scan reports, informing the user that the system is seriously infected. All these fake warnings are generated in an attempt to scare people into thinking they need to buy Renus 2008 to clean their computers of infections. Unfortunately Renus 2008 is useless, it dose not remove infected and harmful threats nor does it protect from future infections.

VIPRE can remove Renus 2008. Click here to use VIPRE to remove Renus 2008 form your computer now.

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