Wednesday, April 1, 2009


AntiMalwareSuite is a phony antimalware software or a rogue anti-spyware program. AntiMalwareSuite was designed by cyber thieves to rip people off. AntiMalware Suite is a complete scam, the software is completely useless.

AntiMalware Suite makes it's way onto computer systems via misleading advertising that trick people with false security warnings. Once people click on these advertisement they are prompted to download and install AntiMalwareSuite. Once a AntiMalware Suite is installed on a computer it will run a system scan and report false infections in an attempt to scare the user into buying the full version of the software to clean the machine. AntiMalwareSuite will also bombard the user with popups and what look like system warnings showing false alerts. Once AntiMalware Suite is purchased the program is completely useless, it will continue to show false warnings and alerts, it will not protect the computer form future infections and it will not clean infections off the PC. Because AntiMalware Suite is configured to start automatically when the computer loads, it will cause the PC to be sluggish and experience performance issues.

If your computer is infected with AntiMalwareSuite, you should remove it immediately. To remove AntiMlawareSuite with VIPRE, click here.

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