Thursday, April 16, 2009

Virus Sweeper

Virus Sweeper is a fake security software, or a rogue antispyware, designed to trick people into buying the software. Virus Sweeper is a complete scam and should be avoided. Computers that have Virus Sweeper installed should remove this PC parasite immediately.

Virus Sweeper is a new version of another nasty rogue - Virus Doctor. Virus Sweeper makes it's way from computer to computer via Trojans that display misleading alerts and security notifications. When these trojans are clicked they will automatically download and install Virus Sweeper.

Once installed and active, Virus Sweeper is configured to run automatically every time computer starts up. It performs a system scan and displays various bogus results. Virus Sweeper states that user's PC is seriously infected and has many security issues. Virus Sweeper also displays pesky pop-up windows and similar fake notifications that will drive the user mad. Because Virus Sweeper is always running it will decrease system performance and disorganize the functionally of legit security applications. It is very important to ignore all disinformation provided by Virus Sweeper and remove it from the system as soon possible. Virus Sweeper is a parasite and will not remove any infections. It's a scam designed to steal money from naive people.

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