Tuesday, April 21, 2009


WiniBlueSoft is a fake antispyware software, or a rogue antispyware. WiniBlueSoft may sound cute and cuddly, but it is a nasty threat to any computer system. WiniBlueSoft should be avoided, do not buy this corrupt software and remove it from infected PC's immediately.

WiniBlueSoft makes it's way onto computer systems with the help of online advertisements offering online PC scanners that always manage to trick unsuspecting web visitors who don't realize these online PC scanners are fake. By offering a free PC scan these misleading advertisements will install WiniBlueSoft without the users permission or knowledge in most cases with one click.

Once installed, WiniBlueSoft will creates fake files on the computer, usually which it in turn reports to the user as malware during a system scan. These fake files are dropped and the system scan is run in an attempt to scare the user into thinking they need to buy the full version of the software to clean their machine. WiniBlueSoft will also inundate the user with annoying alerts and security notifications stating that the computer is infected.

Because WiniBlueSoft will run each time the computer boots, users may experience performance issues while this rogue is infecting the computer.

If your PC is infected with WiniBlueSoft, you should remove it immediately. Click here to user VIPRE to remove WiniBlueSoft from your PC quickly and easily.

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