Monday, April 20, 2009

AV Antispyware

AV AntiSpyware is a fake security software, or a rogue antispyware, designed to scam people. AV Antispyware is a corrupt software created by cyber-thieves to rip people off, do not trust AV Antispyware, do not install this parasite on your PC, if your computer is infected with AV Antispyware, you should remove it immediately.

AV Antispyware was created by the same jerks who developed MS AntiSpyware 2009, another nasty rogue that should be avoided.

AV Antispyware makes it's way from PC to PC using Trojans which display fake security alerts stating that the computer is infected. When clicked, these alerts will automatically download and install AV AntiSpyware.

Once installed on a PC AV Antispyware will run a system scan which will state that the PC is infected and the user should purchase the full version of the software to clean the infections form the PC. These scan results are false, and only used as a scare tactic to frighten people into buying the corrupt software. AV Antispyware will continually display warnings and system alerts that are also fake to make the user think the system is badly infected. Many of the warnings AV Antispyware will display are made to look identical to warnings and system alerts used by Windows, do not be fooled, the real infection is AV Antispyware itself.

When AV Antispyware is installed on a computer system it will automatically start every time the computer is booted, which can cause the PC to be sluggish and the user can experience performance issues.

If your PC is infected with AV Antispyware, you should remove it now. Click here to remove AV Antispyware with VIPRE.

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