Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crusader Antivirus or Spyware Crusader

Crusader Antivirus or Spyware Crusader is fake security software, also known as rogue antivirus. Crusader Antivirus does not remove spyware or viruses from infected computers and it does not stop malware or spyware from infecting a computer in the future. Do not trust Crusader Antivirus.

Crusader, created by Duck Force, is a typical run of the mill rogue, it uses trickery to get people to buy the full version of the software. When Crusader is installed on a PC it will immediately run a system scan and return a number of infections. These infections are fictitious and reported to frighten people into thinking their system is seriously infected and they need to buy the software. Crusader will also display popups and system warnings stating that the computer is infected.

If your system is infected with Crusader Antivirus or Spyware Crusader, you should remove it not. Click here to remove Crusader Antivirus from your system easily and without buying any software, click here to download a trial of VIPRE. VIPRE will remove Spyware Crusader and any other malware without asking for credit card information.

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    Crusader is not only created by Duck Force. It is a clone of AGAVA Antispy: