Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spyware XP Guard

Spyware XP Guard is a phony security software, also known as a rogue security software. Spyware XP Guard is a complete scam, designed to rip people off. If your computer is infected with this parasite, you should remove it immediately.

Spyware XP Guard makes its way onto computers with the help of misleading advertising on shady websites and with the help of Trojans. Once Spyware XP Guard is installed on a PC it will run a system scan for infections and will report numerous threats, which are false. Spyware XP Guard will also nag the user with annoying pop ups and system warnings stating the PC is infected, these warnings are all fake as well. Spyware XP Guard uses these false security warnings to frighten people into thinking their computer is badly infected. Spyware XP Guard is hoping that the user will believe the infection warnings and pay for the full version of the software to clean the machine. In other words, a complete scam!

If Spyware XP Guard is installed on your computer, you should remove it immediately. VIPRE can remove Spyware XP Guard, click here to use the free 15-day trial to remove Spyware XP Guard and any other infections you may have on your PC.

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