Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Windows Antivirus Pro

Windows Antivirus Pro is a phony antivirus software that is made to look like a legit security suite. Windows Antivirus Pro is nothing more than an elaborate scam designed to rip people off.

Windows Antivirus Pro usually infects computers with the help of Trojans and misleading advertisments on shady and malicious websites.

Once Windows Antivirus Pro is installed on a computer it will bombard the user with popups and system warnings stating the the computer is infected and will insist that the user purchase the full version of the software before it will clean the infections from the computer.

Users should not believe the warnings and system alerts, they are fake, designed to frighten the user into making an uninformed hasty purchase of the software, which is completely useless.

If your PC is infected with this parasite, you should remove it immediately. VIPRE Antivirus offers a free 15-day evaluation that will remove Windows Antivirus Pro from your PC.

Click here to remove Windows Antivirus Pro from your computer with VIPRE Antivirus now.


  1. the windows anti virus pro is not allowing me to open any downloads or any program but the internet

  2. I need help. I downloaded the Vipre antivirus twice and then a third time to a directory I could launch the .EXE from. The reason for so many times is it seemed like it was working but then stopped. Now when I launch the "vipre_setup_0626.exe" I get a fleeting black dialog box which I cannot read it is so fast. This same "Black box" occurs now when trying to launch Internet explorer from any place. Please help. send suggestions to dan.gander@gmail.com or call me at248-565-6250 I appreciate any and all help.

  3. Hi Dan,

    Sunbelt technical support will be contacting you shortly. This Rogue is very hard to remove, it is continually shutting down VIPRE. The Sunbelt Tech dept will walk you though how to remove this pest from your PC.

  4. Babygurljsc, If you would like help removing this nasty rogue, please send an email with your contact info to the Sunbelt technical support staff at support@sunbeltsoftware.com and somebody will contact you shortly to help you remove this rogue and install VIPRE so you are protected in the future.


  5. i downloaded it but it will not let me open the file? the anitvirus pro keeps blocking it everytime i try to open it..i need help what can i do? email me at knyteavenger97@aol.com thanks

  6. Hi Knyteavenger97,

    It would be best to email Sunbelt Technical Support to get help downloading VIRPE to remove this rogue. You can call the toll free number; 877-673-1153 or email at support@sunbeltsoftware.com.

    Good luck removing this pest!