Monday, August 31, 2009


SafetyCenter is a phony security software designed to scam people. SafetyCenter is made to look like a legitimate security suite with a number of security tools including a firewall, spyware scanner, registry cleaner, web browsing tools and more. The tools or applications within SafetyCenter are all designed to show false security alerts and prompt the user to pay for the full version of the software, which is completely useless.

Here is a screenshot of the SafetyCenter user interface:

SafetyCenter is a clone of PrivacyCenter, another rogue security software that has plagued the internet over the past year or so.

Here is a screenshot of the SafetyCenter Update Manager Warning:

Every tool within Safety Center will show a security warning. Here is a screenshot of the Registry Doctor:

The Registry Doctor shows a warning that states the "Database Update Failed" and prompts you to purchase the full version of the software to update the database. Do not fall for this scam, SafetyCenter will not remove infections from your PC, fix your registry, or protect you for future infections, the software is completely useless.

Here is a screenshot of the Spyware Scanner that will report numerous security risks, which are all fake:

The Cookie Remover withing SafetyCenter will also display false warnings. Here is a screenshot of the Cookie Remover and a warning that the PC has been compromised:

SafetyCenter also uses false warnings within the browser to scare people into thinking that their PC is infected. The following screenshot shows the Google homepage with a warning in the footer stating the computer is infected, again FAKE:

SafetyCenter will also hijack the web browser and redirect the user to shady websites and show false errors. Below is a screenshot of a fake 404 error:

If your computer is infected with SafetyCenter, you should remove it immediately. Click here to remove SafetyCenter form your PC with VIPRE Antivirus now.

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