Wednesday, August 26, 2009


SaveKeep is a fake security software designed to rip people off. SaveKeep is a type of computer infection known as a rogue antispyware software. If SaveKeep is installed on your PC, you should remove it immediately.

When your PC is infected with SaveKeep you will most likely experience the following:
  • Slow sluggish PC
  • SaveKeep PC scans every time you start your PC
  • Scan reports stating your PC has numerous infections
  • Constant pop-ups stating your PC is infected
  • System warnings that state your PC is not protected or under attack
  • Your web browser constantly redirects making web browsing nearly impossible
  • your PC has limited or no internet connectivity
  • You are unable to download legitimate antivirus software
SaveKeep will bombard you with false security scan results, pop ups and system warnings in an attempt to frighten you into paying for the full version of the software to clean your PC. Unfortunately if you fall for the scam and buy the software it will not remove any infections your PC may have, it will not protect your PC from future infections and won't stop the annoying system alerts and falsified scan results.

Above is an example of a fake alert displayed by SaveKeep

SaveKeep will try to prevent users from browsing the web and installing legitimate security software to remove infections. Because the software is continually running scans and showing pop ups and system warnings, users will experience slow PC's that are almost impossible to use.

If your PC is infected with SaveKeep rogue antispyware, you should remove it now. Click here to remove SaveKeep from your PC now with VIPRE Antivirus.

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