Wednesday, August 26, 2009


SaveSoldier is a phony security software made to look like legitimate antispyware software. This type of corrupt software is called rogue antispyware software, and is a potentially very dangerous PC infection.

SaveSoldier is a clone of SaveKeep and TrustNinja, other rogue antispyware software that scams people out of their money and brings the PC's they infect to a crawl. If your PC is infected with SaveSoldier you should remove it immediately.

A PC infected with SaveSoldier will be overrun with pop ups and security warnings claiming the PC is infected with viruses and spyware, that the PC is being attacked or that the PC does not have antispyware protection. All these warnings are fake, designed to make you freak out and think your PC is infected so you will buy the full version of this corrupt software to clean your PC.

SaveSoldier will also run a system scan and report multiple infections and urge you to buy the software to remove clean your PC. These supposed infections are all fake, you should not buy this corrupt software, SaveSoldier will not prevent your PC from becoming infected in the future and will not remove any infections from your PC. SaveSoldier will also drop over 700 fake files into the System32 and Windows folders on PC's it infects.

If your PC is infected with this nasty rogue, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove SaveSoldier from your PC now.

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  1. Here is a YouTube video of it being (weird) in 2 fronts: