Friday, August 14, 2009

Windows Protection Suite

Windows Protection Suite is a fake security software that is made to look like a legitimate security software. Windows Protection Suite is nothing more than an elaborate scam designed to make people think their computers are infected with malware, viruses and spyware.

If your computer is infected with Windows Protection Suite the program will run a security scan every time you start up windows. The security scan will always display scan results showing a multitude of infections, which are all fake. These fake security scan results are shown to frighten you into buying the full version of the software to remove the infections. Do not buy this corrupt software, doing so will not remove the supposed infections and will not protect your computer form future infections, you will just be wasting your money. Windows Protection Suite is designed to rip you off, nothing more.

Users with PC's infected with Windows Protection Suite will also experience internet browser hijacking, this is where the web browser will be redirected to malicious websites that push other rogue antispyware programs and other adware. Users will also be shown security alerts and pop ups that look almost identical to legitimate Windows security warnings and alerts.

If your PC is infected with Windows Protection Suite you should remove it immediately. Click here to remove Windows Protection Suite from your computer for free with a 15-day trial of VIPRE.
(Clicking on the above link will initiate VIPRE Antivirus download)


  1. my father purchased this for his computer and paid 91.45 USD for "lifetime protection". Today he figured out that this is malware and called his credit card co. to prevent the charge but they had already gotten their money from him. So I am wondering what department in the US govt this scam can be reported to so it can be shut down and hopefully the people running it made to pay or serve jail time for stealing people's money?

  2. There is no recognized authority to police the Internet. It is too large, and worlwide. Unfortunately, unless the offender can be traced directly to his or her United States address, if they are indeed in the US, there is nothing any US authority can do.

    You, or anyone else, can get a proxied IP address from another country, set up a bank account in a completely different country, and set up a scam similar to this, all without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. You would be untraceable by any one jurisdiction, worldwide.

    Welcome to the Internet.