Thursday, September 10, 2009


ContaViro is a complete scam, a phony security software designed to rip people off. ContaViro should be removed from infected computers immediately, as it is a serious security risk.

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ContaViro usually infects a computer with the help of misleading advertisments that claim to be virus scanners on malicious websites. If you ever see a website that warns you that your PC is infected or offers you a free virus scan, you should understand these are malicious ads, they are never real, only used to infect PC's with rogue security software or other malware. It is not possible for a website to know if your hard drive is infected, do not trust websites that display this type of advertising.

Once ContaViro infects a computer, like most rogue security software, it will run a system scan every time windows is started. The system scan will report numerous infections that are false in an attempt to frighten users into thinking their PC is infected and need to buy the full version of ContaViro to clean the infections from their computer. Along with this nasty trick, ContaViro will also display annoying pop-ups, warnings and alerts stating that the computer is under attack, unprotected and infected. Again these warnings and alerts are used to scare people into buying the corrupt software.

ContaViro can also hijack the web browser, shut down or make it impossible to open other programs. ContaViro can make using the computer almost impossible.

If your computer is infected with ContaViro, you can remove it with VIPRE. Click here to download a FREE trial of VIPRE Antivirus to remove ContaViro from your PC now.

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