Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Safety Keeper

Safety Keeper is bogus security software, designed to rip people off. If your PC has been infected with Safety Keeper, or you installed this corrupt software on your PC willingly, you should remove it immediately. Safety Keeper poses a serious security risk for all computer users that have been infected by this phony security software.

Once Safety Keeper has infected a computer it will continually try to frighten the user into buying the full version of the software. Safety Keeper will run a system scan and report false infections. Safety Keeper will also display numerous pop ups and system warnings stating that the PC is infected, under attack or not protected. Safety Keeper will hijack the web browser and redirect the user to malicious websites that promote other malware and display warnings will browsing the web stating the computer is infected.

If your PC is infected with Safety Keeper, you should remove it immediately.
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