Friday, September 4, 2009

Proof Defender 2009

Proof Defender 2009 is fake security software, or a rogue security software. Proof Defender 2009 is a potentially very dangerous PC infection that should be removed immediately.

Proof Defender 2009 usually infects a PC via Trojans or misleading online malware scanners, which are usually always malicious.

Once a PC becomes infected with Proof Defender 2009 it will begin a system scan and report numerous infections that can only be removed from the computer if the user purchases the full license of the software. This is a complete scam, Proof Defender 2009 shows these scan reports in an attempt to frighten people into buying the software, the system scan reports are fake and designed to rip people off.

Proof Defender will also show alarming messages in the form of pop-ups and system alerts or warnings which are all false, again just a part of the Proof Defender 2009 scam. Proof Defender 2009 is an especially frustrating infection, it will prevent programs from opening and shut them down in the middle of operations, making the PC pretty much unusable. Proof Defender will also make browsing the internet impossible by either shutting down the browser or hijacking and redirecting the browser to malicious websites.

If Proof Defender 2009 has infected your computer, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove this annoying pest from your PC now.


  1. i have just been smashed by this ugly little pest...i have been looking to ridmyself of this little demon without any luck ... it appears that i also have some type of broser hijack... it keeps turning off windows firewall

  2. Hi Duro9869, sorry to hear this rogue is giving you problems.

    Did you have success downloading VIPRE to remove this rogue?

    Many times the rogue will prevent security software from installing and running. If you experience this, please contact Sunbelt Software technical support and they can walk you how to install VIPRE without having it shut down continuiously by Proof Defender 2009.

    Sunbelt Technical Support: 1-727-562-0101