Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home Personal Antivirus

Home Personal Antivirus claims that it is designed to protect, when in fact the complete opposite is true. Home Personal Antivirus is rogue security software, it's made to look like legitimate antivirus, but is in face a computer infection.

Home Personal Antivirus will state that your PC is infected after running a system scan, this is false, only used to frighten you into purchasing the program to remove the supposed infections. Home Personal Antivirus will also show constant pop-ups and warnings stating your PC is infected, under attack or not protected. Again these pop-ups and warnings are fake, all a part of this elaborate scam.

Home Personal Antivirus will also make browsing the web near impossible and will shut down other programs so your computer will be almost to useless.

If your PC is infected with Home Personal Antivirus, click here to remove the infection from your PC now with VIRPE.

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