Wednesday, October 7, 2009


SecureWarrior is rogue antispyware, in other words, it's a complete scam designed to rip people off. If your PC is infected with SecureWarrior you should remove it immediately as it poses some serious security risks.

SecureWarrior comes from a family of rogue security software, that is nearly a mile long including:
If your PC is infected with SecureWarrior you will most likely experience constant pop-ups and system warnings stating that your PC is; Not Protected with Antispyware, Under attack or Infected and you should buy SecureWarrior to remove infection. These pop-up warnings and alerts are false, designed to frighten you into buying a license of the software.

If you did fall for the SecureWarrior scam you will quickly notice that the software will not clean infections from your PC and it will not prevent future infections. People usually realize this when they notice SecureWarrior continues to display warnings and scan results stating the PC is infected even after they paid for the software.

SecureWarrior will also disable most programs from opening stating they are infected. Browsing the web will become nearly impossible as you will be faced with security warnings on web pages and the browser will continually redirect to malicious websites that will further infect your PC with malware.

To remove SecureWarrior from your PC, you can click here to download a free 15-day trial of VIPRE. VIPRE will detect and remove SecureWarrior as this is a working trial, no purchase necessary within the first 15-days.

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