Tuesday, October 20, 2009


PCScout is phony security software, also known as rogue antispyware software. Rogue Antispyware is made to look like legitimate security software, but is in face a PC infection in itself. If your PC has been infected with PCScout, you should remove the infection immediately.

Once a PC is infected with PCScout, the corrupt software will run a system scan and report numerous infections. These system scan results are fake, the infections reported are false, used to frighten people into paying for the software in an attempt to remove the supposed malware form the computer.

PCScout will also show numerous system warnings and pop-up alerts that are also fake, and extremely annoying. Many times people will pay for the software in an attempt to get the rogue antispyware to stop showing pop ups. This never works, even if the user pays for the software it will continue to nag the user with false security warnings and system scans.

Here is an example of a fake warning displayed by PCScout to scare people into buying the software:

If your PC is infected with PCScout, you can remove the rogue with VIPRE Antivirus. Click here to use VIPRE's free 15-day trial to remove PCScout from your PC now.

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