Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Security Central

Security Central claims to deliver 'real-time protection' but in fact delivers a 'real-time scam' to unsuspecting PC users. Security Central is rogue antivirus software, or phony security software that is made to look like legitimate security software.

If your computer is infected with Security Central you will most likely experience the following:
  • System scans every time windows is booted
  • Pop ups and warnings stating your PC is infected or unprotected
  • Web browser redirecting to suspicious websites
  • Security warnings when on the internet
  • Programs shutting down or not opening at all
Please note, all system warnings, alerts and scan results Security Central displays are false, only used to frighten people into thinking their computer is infected with malware. This elaborate scam preys on PC users who believe the hoax and purchase the corrupt software.

If Security Central has infected your computer, you should remove the rogue antispyware from your computer immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove Security Central from your computer now.

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