Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just like SecureWarrior, SecureVeteran is rogue security software, or phony security software, designed to trick people into paying for a license and delivering nothing but a bad headache.

SecureVeteran is corrupt software, it will not remove malware or spyware form infected computers SecureVeteran will not prevent malware or spyware form infecting a computer. Yet it claims that it will, in fact when SecureVeteran is installed on a computer it will constantly warn the user that the PC is infected via pop ups, system alerts, and scan results and recommend the user buy the software to clean the machine.

Unfortunately that is the scam, SecureVeteran uses false warnings and system scan results to frighten people into buying a license, naive people who think they are paying for legitimate protection for the computers are scammed and left with nothing but a computer infection called SecureVeteran.

If your PC is infected with SecureVeteran, you should remove this nasty rogue immediately. Click here to use VIPRE Antiviru to remove SecureVeteran. VIPRE will detect and remove SecureVeteran from your computer for free (15-day working trial).

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