Friday, October 23, 2009


SoftStronghold is phony security software, also known as a rogue antivirus. SoftStronghold does not help protect your PC, but is a PC infection in itself. If your computer is infected with SoftStronghold you should remove it immediately.

PC's infected with SoftStronghold will experience numerous warnings and system scans resulting in reports stating the PC is infected with malware. These warnings and system scan results are false, used to frighten PC users into purchasing the software in an attempt to clean the malware form their machines. SoftStonghold will also make browsing the internet very difficult as it will hijack the browser and redirect to misleading websites. SoftStronghold will prevent the user from opening other programs, stating they are infected and cannot open. All this in an attempt to get people to fall for the scam and buy the software.

If your PC is infected with SoftStronghold, you should remove it immediately as it is a serious security risk. VIRPE can remove SoftStronghold, click here to remove this pest with a free 30-day trial of VIPRE.

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