Friday, October 9, 2009

Windows Smart Security Rogue of the Winweb Security Family

Windows Smart Security rogue, a fake security program of the Winweb Security Famly replaced the total Security clone on October 2009.

When Windows Smart Security infects a computer it will run a system scan every time windows is started. The system scan will report numerous infections and suggest the user buys the program to remove the infections. This is the Windows Smart Security scam; the software will report false infections to frighten the user into paying for the program in an attempt to remove the supposed infections.

False system scans are not the only method Windows Smart Security uses to scam people. Pop-ups and system alerts that warn the user of infection are also used to frighten people into buying the software, along with hijacking web browsers and the desktop to display security warnings as seen in the image below.

The Windows Smart Security rogue as with the other rogues of the Winweb Security family can be removed  manually, however, becasue of the blocking of applications and the additional malware infections by, it is advisable to use to use our Antispyware removal tool, VIPRE Antivirus.
You can download a free trial to remove the Windows Smart Security rogue by clicking on the link below:
 If you are not nable to download and install our malware removal tool because because of the infection is not allowing you to install the program, you can use our VIPRE Rescue Disc here:

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