Monday, November 2, 2009


BlockWatcher is a phony security software, designed to rip people off. BlockWatcher is rogue antivirus software, a new variant of the Winisoft family of rogues. BlockWatcher will place over 700 fake files on every PC it infects. BlockWatcher is a very serious PC infection that should be removed from infected PC's immediately.

If your PC is infected with BlockWatcher you will most likely experience the following symptoms:
  • System file scans reporting numerous infections
  • Pop-up alerts stating your PC is infected or under attack
  • System tray warnings that look like authentic windows warnings stating the PC is unprotected
  • Web browser redirecting to malicious websites
  • Security warnings embedded on webpages
  • Programs not opening or shutting down because of a "File Infected error"
  • Desktop hijacking
BlockWatcher will deploy the tactics above to frighten people with these security warnings in hopes they will fall for the scam and purchase a license of the software. Unfortunately if you do fall for the BlockWatcher scam you will quickly realize this software does not remove any infections from the PC. BlockWatcher is a PC infection that should be removed from all infected PC's.

If your PC is experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should scan your PC for infection with a legitimate security software, do not fall for the BlockWatcher scam.

VIPRE detects and remove BlockWatcher from infected computers. Click here to use the 15-day trial of VIPRE to remove BlockWatcher from your PC for free.

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