Tuesday, November 3, 2009


BlockKeeper is a phony security software, designed to rip people off. BlockKeeper is made by the same creeps that created other phony security software including: BlockScanner, Block Watcher, SoftBarrier, Shield Safeness, Soft Stronghold, Soft Veteran, SoftCop, Soft Soldier, Trust Fighter, Trust Soldier, Safe Fighter, Trust Cop, Secure Warrior, Secure Fighter, Secure Veteran, Security Soldier, Security Fighter, Save Armor, Save Defender, Trust Warrior, Soft Safeness, Safety Keeper, Quick Heal Cleaner, System Cop, Block Defense, Save Defense, Trust Ninja, Save Soldier, Save Keep, Winishield, Wini Fighter, WiniBlueSoft.

If your PC is infected with BlockKeeper you will most likely experience the following symptoms:
  • System file scans reporting numerous infections
  • Pop-up alerts stating your PC is infected or under attack
  • System tray warnings that look like authentic windows warnings stating the PC is unprotected
  • Web browser redirecting to malicious websites
  • Security warnings embedded on webpages
  • Programs not opening or shutting down because of a "File Infected error"
  • Desktop hijacking
BlockKeeper uses the tactics above to frighten people with these security warnings to trick them into purchasing a license of the software. BlockKeeper does not remove any infections from the PC. BlockKeeper is a PC infection that should be removed from all infected PC's.

If your PC is experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should scan your PC for infection with a legitimate security software, do not fall for the BlockKeeper scam.

VIPRE detects and remove BlockKeeper from infected computers. Click here to use the 15-day trial of VIPRE to remove BlockKeeper from your PC for free.


  1. Programs not opening or shitting down because of a "File Infected error"

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