Monday, November 2, 2009


BlockScanner is a rogue security program designed to infect computers and scam people out of their money. BlockScanner uses security warnings and system file scans to frighten people into thinking their PC is infected. The warnings and file scans are all fake designed to scare people into buying a license of BlockScanner to remove the supposed infections. Unfortunately if you fall the the BlockScanner scam and buy this corrupt software, you will quickly notice BlockScanner will not remove infections from your PC or prevent future infections, it is completely useless, and an infection in itself.

BlockScanner is a very serious security risk for all PC users. BlockScanner can hijack the users desktop, redirect the web browser to malicious websites, make it impossible to open programs and has the potential to lead to informational theft.

If your PC is infected with BlockScanner, you should remove this pest immediately. VIPRE can detect and remove BlockScanner form infected computers. Click here to use the free 15-day trial of VIPRE to remove BlockScanner form your PC.

See more about BlockScanner here: Takin' it old school

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