Monday, December 28, 2009


SystemCleanerPRO is a rogue antivirus program, or a complete scam. SystemCleanerPRO uses fake security alerts and fictitious system pop-ups that warn or infections to frighten users into buying the software. SystemCleanerPRO is a complete rip-off and should be removed form infected PC's immediately.

If SystemCleanerPRO has infected your computer, you may experience the following symptoms:
  • Slow sluggish PC
  • SystemCleanerPRO running a system scan every time you turn your PC on
  • System alerts warning you that the computer is under attack or is not protected, recommending you purchase SystemCleanerPro
  • Web browser redirecting to random websites (which are owned by the crooks who author this and other malicious software)
  • Other programs not opening or shutting down
If your PC is infected with SystemCleanerPRO, you can remove it now with VIPRE. VIPRE will detect and remove SystemCleanerPRO. Click here to download a free 15-day trial of VIPRE.

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