Monday, January 4, 2010

No Malware (NoMalware)

No Malware is a rogue security program, or a phony. NoMalware is designed to trick people into purchasing the software, which is actually useless, a PC infection in itself.

NoMalware will use security scans to alert the user that their PC is infected. These security scans are not real, the infections reported are false. NoMalware will show these falsified scan results and refuse to remove the supposed infections unless the user buys the software. Do not fall for this scam. Victims that purchase NoMalware quickly lean that the software does not prevent infections or remove infections form their PC's.

NoMalware will also use system alerts and warnings stating the PC is infected and recommend purchase of the software. These warnings are of course fake, another way to frighten people into buying the software.

If your PC is infected with NoMalware, you should remove immediately. Click here to remove NoMalware with VIPRE.

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