Thursday, January 28, 2010

PCSecureNet, PcsSecure, APcSafe

Rogue Antispyware publishers have been busy, we have 3 new rogues to report. PCSecureNet, PcsSecure and APcSafe. These phony security programs all look the same and use the same tricks to goad people into buying the software.

PCSecureNet, PcsSecure and APcSafe use scare tactics to frighten people into buying the software. These scare tactics include:
  • Fake system scans that report numerous infections and refuses to remove the supposed infections until you buy the phony software
  • Alerts and warnings stating the PC is under attack or unprotected and recommends you buy the phony software
  • Other software will not work, when attempting to open programs a warning stating the program is infected appears and the software is closed.
  • Web browser hijacking, redirecting the user to malicious websites or showing false security warnings on sites like
If your PC is infected with PCSecureNet, PcsSecure or APcSafe, you should remove the infection immediately. Click here to remove these rogue antispyware programs with VIPRE.

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