Thursday, September 9, 2010


SafetyGuard is a rogue security product that pretends to find malicious code on a victim’s machine in order to frighten him or her into purchasing this useless application. It’s the most recent variant in the FakeSmoke Family. VIPRE identified SafetyGuard and its downloader as VirTool.Win32.Obfuscator.da!a (v) as a result of earlier detections. We’ve added a new detection to specifically identify it as SafetyGuard.FakeSmoke for user’s convenience.

SafetyGuard online scanner scam

It has nothing to do with dating or searching.

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SafetyGuard graphic interface

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SafetyGuard installer

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SafetyGuard splash screen

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How to remove SafetyGuard:

If SafetyGuard has infected your pc, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove SafetyGuard from your computer now.

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