Friday, October 15, 2010


AntivirusStudio2010 is the latest rogue security product in the UnVirex family. It pretends to find malicious code on a victim’s machine in order to frighten him or her into purchasing a useless application.

AntivirusStudio2010 warning screen:

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AntivirusStudio2010 graphic interface:

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AntivirusStudio2010 phony warnings:

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VIPRE detects all three downloaders as Win32.Malware!D (v)

Directory and files added:


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Files added to temp directory:

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The UnVirex family (with VIPRE detection ID)

5/26/2009          UnVirex (4173585)
9/6/2009            ContraViro (4243770)
9/5/2009            QuickHealCleaner (4177281)
12/30/2009        AntivirusPC2009 (4459298)
1/22/2010          DesktopSecurity2010 (4382160)
10/14/2010        AntivirusStudio2010 (4730873)

How to remove AntivirusStudio2010:

If  AntivirusStudio2010 has infected your pc, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove AntivirusStudio2010 from your computer now.

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