Tuesday, January 27, 2009


AntiSpyKit is a corrupt anti-spyware software created by Ges Ltd or Cyhawk. AntiSpyKit is made to look like it will scan for and remove spyware from people's computers, unfortunately this rogue antispyware uses falsified scan results to frighten people into buying the software.

AntiSpyKit is a complete rip-off and should be avoided. Infected PC's should have this software removed immediately as it is a serious security risk.

AntiSpyKit usually makes its way from computer to computer by security loopholes or under dubious circumstances without user knowledge or consent.

AntiSpyKit may be marketed by malware that displays false or exaggerated warnings of spyware infection on the desktop to entice users to download the program. AntiSpyKit typically displays exaggerated or false scan reports of infection to frighten the user into paying for the program since the free version of the program will not perform threat removal.

If your computer is infected with the AntiSpyKit parasite, you should remove it now. Click here to use VIPRE Antivirus to remove this and other threats from your PC now.

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