Tuesday, January 27, 2009


XPDefender is a corrupt antispyware software, or rogue antispyware, and is a complete scam. XPDefender should be avoided, do not buy this software!

XPdefender is made to lure people out of their money by issuing fake security messages or balloons on the taskbar. When the security warnings are clicked the browser will be redirected to a web site where XPdefender is advertised and the makers of this rogue program will try to goad you into purchasing the commercial version of XPDefender. XPDefender is less than useless as the software does absolutely nothing besides continually give false warnings and poses as a potential security risk.

To keep your personal information safe you should remove XPDefender form your PC immediately as it is a potential security risk.

Click here to remove XPDefender from your PC.
(The above link will start VIPRE Download, use the trial to remove all threats from your PC including XPDefender for free.)

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