Thursday, January 22, 2009


AntiSpyPro is a fake anti-spyware software that should be avoided as it is a security threat on any PC and a complete scam.

AntiSpyPro is installed onto users' system by trojans such as Zlob. The software will generates massive amounts of pop-up notifications, claiming that the computer is infected with spyware. AntiSpyPro then proceeds to perform a threat scan on the computer, then displays a report filled with false security warnings. AntiSpyPro uses these false scan reports to frighten people into buying the software.

AntiSpyPro should be avoided and removed from infected computers immediately. Manual removal of AntiSpyPro is pretty hard considering the program continually tries to reinstall itself. If your PC is infected with this parasite, the easiest way to remove it from your computer is to use a legit antispyware or antivirus software.

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